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Cinema to be restored as entertainment venue

Fri 4 September 2015, 11:40 am

Pub company Antic has bought a former cinema site owned by a Walthamstow church, which it plans to reinstate as an entertainment venue, featuring a 1,000-venue auditorium.

The Grade-II listed building was previously owned by the UCKG church. Earlier plans for it to become a place of worship were turned down.

The building is located on Hoe Street and opened as The EMD Granada in 1930. It was previously used as a concert venue by such bands as The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

A spokesperson for Antic said: “Both the listed nature of the building and a 1,000 seater auditorium are, and will remain, key elements of our proposals.

“We have always intended that the building should once more be an entertainment venue, not just an enormous pub, and thus if it is to succeed in the decades to come, it must have a varied, wide ranging and sustainable offer, which is relevant to modern Walthamstow.

Thousands of patrons frequented the building when first commissioned in the 1930s and we wish to see these glory days return, albeit in a more inclusive, varied and dare I say, quirkier fashion.”

Antic plans to sign a deal with Soho Theatre, which could result in it operating the entertainment side of the venue.



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