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New leader set for council

by Marco Cillario Tue 10 January 2017, 5:13 pm

Waltham Forest Council is set to be led by Councillor Clare Coghill after the local Labour Party group elected her as its new leader.

Coghill, declared the winner on 5 January after receiving 30 out of a possible 40 votes in the first round of voting, will be confirmed as the new leader of the council when current leader Councillor Chris Robbins stands down next May. She will become the first woman in history to lead the council.

The current portfolio lead member for economic growth and high streets said she relished the chance to “serve our borough and build a community that is open, tolerant and fair”.

“The council I lead will prioritise smashing down barriers for our young people, supporting vulnerable residents and building good quality social housing,” Coghill continued.

“We must unite to tackle the problems of hate crime, intolerance and ignorance that mean that even in 2017, people attack one another for being different – whether that’s gender, sexuality, race or faith.

“Over the past six years, under drastic financial constraints, Waltham Forest has made tremendous progress. As leader I will look to maintain this progress and drive the improvement to services that residents expect.”


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