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Why invest in Waltham Forest?

Waltham Forest offers the best of both worlds in London: more green space than any other borough north of the Thames, yet just an 11 minute tube journey from the heart of the world's most popular city.

The compelling combination of urban vibe and plenty of space is attracting flocks of young families and trendsetters. Prices are on the rise and schools are improving: the vast majority of primaries are good or outstanding, the secondaries are gaining great reputations and the proportion of pupils gaining A*-C grades at GCSEs is up 17 per cent since 2005.

The borough's workforce is increasingly skilled, with employment rates well above the London average and a fast growing ABC1 and graduate population brings a new dimension to the borough.

Waltham Forest has London's best record on major planning decisions and recognises the need for regeneration and investment to adapt to its changing demographics.

The Waltham Forest Housing Summit took place on Wednesday 6 September 2017 at Waltham Forest's Assembly Hall. We all know that the housing sector across London faces many challenges. We also know that housing delivery is critical to the prosperity and wellbeing of local communities. At Waltham Forest, we are committed to improving housing for all our residents whether they live in social or affordable homes, aspire to buy their own home, or rent in the private sector. Watch the highlights reel below and see how we are working to tackle the many issues faced by the housing sector.


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