Lea Bridge Station Sites granted planning permission by Waltham Forest Council

Lea Bridge developments are on their way...

A proposal to redevelop three areas of council-owned land around Lea Bridge Station has been granted planning approval by Waltham Forest Council. The plans will contribute to improved local infrastructure, connectivity, and public realm in Lea Bridge, as well as bringing exciting new opportunities to benefit local residents.

The proposals include 345 new homes, of which 50 per cent will be affordable, alongside 750sqm of high quality public green space, a community & cultural hub, commercial space, children’s play areas, resident’s amenity space. A ‘Community Chest Fund’ will be developed with community involvement, and £350,000 will be invested in the local supply chain. 

In total, the project consists of three sites: Site 1 includes the new station entrance, public space, commercial space, and housing; Site 2 includes a cultural, creative, and commercial space, housing and improved open green space; and Site 3 includes housing and commercial space. The new station entrance will include a new public plaza and is anticipated to open in 2025. 

The development will also support the borough’s Covid-19 recovery action plan. It delivers opportunities for local people by creating a minimum of 75 apprentice posts on-site alongside a minimum of 15 work placements. 

The proposals tie in with Waltham Forest’s ambition to create 15-minute neighbourhoods, where people can access most of the things that they need within a short walk or bike ride from their homes. As well as reducing harmful emissions and congestion through having fewer motor vehicles on our roads, 15-minute neighbourhoods will also help to foster a strong sense of community as people enjoy shopping, socialising, and relaxing with their family, friends, and neighbours in their local areas. 

When completed, there will be an increase in the number of trees across the sites with new species specially selected to boost biodiversity. Additional trees will also be planted in neighbouring areas and parks, alongside infrastructure such as green roofs and habitats for birds, bats, and invertebrates. 

Extensive engagement and consultation have been held with the community since 2016, both in-person and online, to ensure residents have a chance to have their say about plans. Construction and the phasing of delivery is anticipated to be between 2022 and 2025. 

London Square were appointed the development partners in May 2020. The application will now be subject to Mayor of London approval and completion of the legal agreements.