Waltham Forest is nothing without its people. Defined by an enterprising, creative prowess, residents of the borough are typically inspired by strong community values and innovation, marking the borough out as one of London's creative hotspots.

Check below to see a number of interviews with the people who make the borough what it is.

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  • The Jellied Eel

    Jellied Eel

    Walthamstow is bursting with entrepreneurial spirit. In September, we caught up with Paul Jellis, the owner of The Jellied Eel cocktail bar, as it prepares to go permanent in the historic Manzes Pie and Mash shop.


Hustle & Heels

In March, we appointed Hustle & Heels to help boost the profile and success of retailers in Leytonstone and Walthamstow. Now Jen Scott and Jamie Tavares are finalists at The Black British Business Awards this October. We caught up with the entrepreneurs about how they started in business, the ways in which they have helped different organisations in the borough and their feelings about the nomination. Take a minute and watch our short interview with Jen and Jamie...