Development opportunities

There are a number of key opportunity sites for investment in Waltham Forest

To find out more about the opportunities in these areas, please contact us.

Leytonstone High Road

Leytonstone, E11

Leytonstone continues to provide a vibrant mix of retail, food and drink and a diverse employment offer with some significant heritage and community assets and listed buildings. It is near the Future Whipps Cross new neighbourhood and to attractive green and blue assets and is well connected for transport, being served by the Central line and Overground.

The council is undertaking a Town Centre Framework setting out development and public realm investment, including four Site Allocation sites in the borough’s emerging Local Plan (2020 to 2035), which could deliver up to 1,600 new homes, 25,000 sqm new workspace and 3,000 new jobs.

Leyton High Street

Leyton, E10

Plans for Leyton include minimum growth targets of 6,350 new homes and higher density of housing around the Leyton Tube Station.

The council intends to deliver co-ordinated new development around a potential new rail station at Ruckholt Road and intensify development at Leyton Mills, including new quality homes, employment and workspace, appropriate retail provision, cultural uses and supporting social and community infrastructure.

Our Local Plan sets out plans for future development at New Spitalfields.  If the market comes up for redevelopment during the Local Plan period, create a thriving, mixed-use sustainable neighbourhood, including new quality homes and jobs.