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About Invest Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest is a diverse, creative and vital part of the London we love. In 2019, Waltham Forest became the first ever London Borough of Culture, where we saw residents, businesses and visitors celebrate their diverse cultures and the brilliant borough we are. The strengths seen through the Borough of Culture continued through the Covid-19 pandemic, with our residents and businesses showing a sense of community and acts of kindness.

Although we are now dealing with different challenges including the ongoing cost of living and climate crises, our priority is to support our residents and businesses through our inclusive growth and economy strategy. To do this, we are focusing on jobs recovery, business support, safe and healthy living, broadening our cultural programme, bringing a new university and restored theatre into the borough, and implementing our new 15-minute-neighbourhood scheme.

Our award winning teams build on the work we have achieved so far with our partners, to build a brighter future for Waltham Forest.

Below, you can read more about why you should choose to invest in Waltham Forest. We’re creating a brighter future for our residents and we’d love for you to join us. Our Invest Waltham Forest programme works to 6 strand areas:

Latest news

We hear from local business in our Creative Enterprise Zone: Blackhorse Collective

In this new video, we hear from brilliant businesses including Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, FOUNDRY, Pocket Living and more, to hear about our inward investment programme has benefited their business and the residents in the local area. 

image of business owner in Blackhorse Lane

Commercial opportunities now available with Waltham Forest

We are thrilled to offer several commercial opportunities at our beautiful and accessible Fellowship Square. These opportunities including our future Civic Food Hall, Walthamstow Assembly Hall and Chesnuts House too. 

Image of future civic hall