Invest Waltham Forest: For Makers, Creators and More!

6 June 2024

In this new video, we hear from brilliant businesses Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, Office Sian, Wagland Textiles, FOUNDRY, Pocket Living and Joseph Homes to hear about our inward investment programme has benefited their business and the residents in the local area. 

We are proud to work closely with makes, creators and more to continuously improve and diversify the offer for business and our residents. 

Bilgehan Ates, Founder of Blackhorse Ateliers shared: 'We are London's only craft jeans maker. I've been in this building for 28 years now. I feel last five, six years, we have an amazing understanding with Waltham Forest Council. They really understand the creative process, and in fact, really help us bridge that gap.' 

Watch the full video below.